So these same friends of ours who moved this weekend left behind a bunch of stuff they told me i could do with as i saw fit (i.e., giveaway, sell, toss). they had a bunch of trash, i took that to the dumpster. they had a bunch of stuff i freecycled as its monetary value was minimal.

but there’s quite a bit which has some decent monetary value. the problem is, they are either bulky i.e., several light stands (for photography?) or really heavy i.e., a pad printing press which will easily sell for $500, or really fragile i.e., a Nikon F4 lens.

if I sell it on ebay, I don’t even know how to box/wrap/ship some of this stuff so it won’t break. garage sale probably not a good idea (?) given the expensive items (?). I’m not a fan of Craigslist–buying or selling I’ve yet to have a single, positive experience.


Regarding someone checking on your dfil every day

maybe he could get one of those LifeLine (sp?) services. He would wear a button on a cord around his neck and press it if he needed help. The monitoring service talks to him through a tabletop unit that’s connected to a phone line and can send help if needed. My dad uses one of these, and it’s a tremendous load off my mind to know that he could summon help if something happened. His service is set up through the Visiting Nurses Association in his city. I believe the service costs around $25/month.

Reading later messages — Kathryn, maybe this would help your parents as well?

Remember the friends of mine whose “elderly”

(67ish year old, stage 4 cancer survivor) husband was fired from his recently-reclassed-to-a-physically-demanding job from his 20 year desk job after he came back after cancer surgery? I helped them fight his ex-employer with the state and got him unemployment benefits. I asked here about Social Security, unemployment etc. Given his age and health, it is unlikely he will ever work for an employer again.
Anyway. They had no savings with only unemployment and Social Security. We went through TMMO together (this would be last fall, before he was fired) and they were supposedly on board, then he got fired, but when he filed for SS, decided that was a windfall and spent nearly $4k ON CHRISTMAS for their ADULT kids (they had 1 17yo at the house.) This is germane because of where they are at now.
Anyway….they put their house up for sale back in the fall, but didn’t really want to move since it was DS17’s senior year, so they took it off after 3 months.
Made a couple of trips out of state, decided in April (?) they had found the “perfect” $250k house in the middle of nowhere Utah, put an offer on it for full list which was accepted (THERE’S a real surprise) contingent on their selling their house here in CA which just sold & closed a few days ago. They moved this weekend (just arrived in Utah today.)
So the GOOD news is, they sold their house, paid off that mortgage and after realtor fees etc had enough left over to pay cash for the new house, so it’s mortgage free, with about $30-40k left over which “should” pay off all their credit cards, cars, etc. plus pay for their move. That would only leave them with about $30k left on a repossessed RV they turned back to the loan company.
Here’s what’s germane to this blog: it’s never the money, it’s ALWAYS the attitude.
This is a family who ought to be looking pretty decent financially. They are mortgage free, ought to be CC debt free since they have the $ to pay everything off, and still have enough that they could negotiate a steep discount on that RV repo.
Do I think they’ll do it? Not a chance.
I think they’ll spend that $20, 30, 40k furnishing the new place so it can be a showcase, not be able to keep up with minimum CC pmts on his SS income, start borrowing against the house (I’m sure they’ll find some banker willing to give them a HELOC against a mortgage free house) and a year or two from now, will be right back where they were this past fall.
It’s really sad and I truly hope I am VERY wrong. The “magic” of DR isn’t the math or even the method. It is the ATTITUDE change which comes when you work the baby steps, realizing that it’s really OKAY to be debt free. My mother does the same thing these two do…she has paid off her house THREE TIMES…and within a year after each, has refinanced to “remodel” or whatever her current craze is.
You can lead them to water, but only they can decide to drink. I vociferously wish them the best, and maybe after the dust settles, they will decide they are better off being debt free than living in a showcase.

we’ll be hanging out at the house most of the day–me, dh and 2 kids

swimming in the pool and grilling burgers.

The neighborhood across the street had their firework show last Saturday night. so if we see any fireworks it will be what the neighbors purchased.

I have 1 kid that will go to the beach early and leave early–there were riots Memorial day weekend that shut Jacksonville beach down from about 5-midnight.

1 kid works all day and will go to her bf’s club for fireworks and cookout.

I do miss the DC fireworks, I could watch them from my apt building when I lived in Silver Spring, MD

I live in Washington (the STATE)

and our neighborhood has a pancake breakfast that runs until 11 am. we just drop in when we want. Then at 5 is a HUGE neighborhood BBQ where we invite friends that don’t even live in the the cul-d-sac. We never buy fireworks, but if we have money we contribute to the “show”. It usually starts at 9:45 or so and lasts until 11.

What are you doing tomorrow for the fourth?

We cash flowed the cost so the plan is to buy some fireworks and get together with our neighbors / family to light off in our court. Depending on when we light up, we may also catch the show on PBS with the fireworks on the Mall (we live in VA and prior to kids would always go downtown but these days I prefer to stay home and do our own thing).
I’ve also downloaded patriotic tunes to my ipod and will play as we set off the fireworks.
We have a three year old who I imagine will do great and a 16 mo who most likely will be asleep and if not, he will be attached to my hip. We call him Tick Boy. 🙂
What are you all doing for the fourth and where are you located?