So these same friends of ours who moved this weekend left behind a bunch of stuff they told me i could do with as i saw fit (i.e., giveaway, sell, toss). they had a bunch of trash, i took that to the dumpster. they had a bunch of stuff i freecycled as its monetary value was minimal.

but there’s quite a bit which has some decent monetary value. the problem is, they are either bulky i.e., several light stands (for photography?) or really heavy i.e., a pad printing press which will easily sell for $500, or really fragile i.e., a Nikon F4 lens.

if I sell it on ebay, I don’t even know how to box/wrap/ship some of this stuff so it won’t break. garage sale probably not a good idea (?) given the expensive items (?). I’m not a fan of Craigslist–buying or selling I’ve yet to have a single, positive experience.